2018 Reading Resolutions

I don’t really make New Years resolutions, rather I usually promise myself that I’ll do a better job tackling the same resolutions I failed last year. And the year before. And the year before that. So this will be the year that I finally kick my sugar addiction (the last decade was just practice) and stick to a sensible budget (except where Book Outlet is concerned). But no quest to better yourself as a human being is complete without the act of reading, and so I’m including several reading resolutions in my 2018 goals.


Okay, I know this first one seems really obvious. How can I expect to keep up a book per week pace unless I actually…you know…read? But the truth is that right now, I have zero time for it. Literally zero.

On top of my normal full-time job, I’m also a freelance writer for three different websites. A typical day sees me working 8 hrs, then coming home & writing for another 3-4 hours. Of course, it’s not just my reading that’s suffering under such a schedule (any semblance of balance in my life is a distant memory), but I have a 5 year plan in which I hope to be able to support myself full time with writing, and if I could make that work, it would all be worth it.

However, I know I’m much more likely to reach that goal if I can find time for things like reading (and sleeping and working out) in my life right now. I don’t know exactly how I can make all the things in need to do fit into 24 hours, but I hope to figure it out over the course of this year.

Resized_20171229_084338_1850New Types of Blog Content

Love of reading and discussing books are pretty much the reasons why all book bloggers do what they do, but as a weekly format, it can get a little monotonous (to me anyways). So I’d like to branch out & do different types of content. Perhaps include some interesting thought pieces or whatever else catches my fancy.

Next week I’ll be reviewing a book by an author who contacted me personally, & in a month or two I’ll be doing an interview with another author who also reached out to me, so these are pretty exciting things that are definitely out of norm for me. I’d like to keep that momentum going & hopefully put out content that’s as interesting as possible in the coming year. It will be a good challenge, especially with my current time management issues. And P.S. if you have any books you’d like me to review or any other type of posts you’d like to see me do, be sure to comment below or use the contact form!

Resized_20171210_092658_9431Find Challenging Books

When I initially started this blog to chronicle my 52 book challenge with my sister, I vowed that having a one full book per week schedule wouldn’t drive me to easy, short books. I fully intended to get through War & Peace and Les Miserable last year (of course, it didn’t happen). They’ve both been relisted into my TBR for this year, however, even though some days it feels like I’ll only make a book per week if I start counting the newspaper comics page.

But even beyond just the hefty classics, it’s still my aspiration to diversify my reading. I’m pretty bad at it though, & I find myself running right back to my sci-fi/fantasy safe space after every tiny foray outside. Last year, I definitely read (and loved) several books that I never imagined myself ever reading, so I just have to take it one step at a time, & hopefully I’ll make progress in this area.

Have Fun

Even though I enjoy everything I’m doing in my life (well, mainly the book challenge, blog, & freelance writing; my full time job is soul sucking), with so many demands on my time, lately it hasn’t felt that fun. I have to prioritize that enjoyment, because otherwise what’s the point of any of it?

So there you have it: my reading resolutions for 2018. None of them are terribly original or earth-shatteringly profound, but they are all very, very relevant to where I am in my life right now. I’ll get the basics under control in 2018, & then by 2019, I’ll be ready for world domination!

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