Profile pic, 799 books, We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

My name is B, & I am a reader.

I do other things too, in regular life.  I go to my office job (reluctantly), I run (slowly), I cook (poorly), & I study other languages (sporadically).  I enjoy video games, music, & anime when I happen to find a few spare, linty minutes hiding in the back pocket of my day.  Once upon a time, I even went to film school, so if you want to talk movies, I’m down.

But books are at the tippy-top, the mythical whipped cream & cherry, the sunshine & unicorns of my gray, tax-paying, rent-check-writing adulthood.

This blog (named for the 799 books currently on my Amazon wish list, waiting for me to get rich so I can buy them) is about how books make me happy.